Enjoy New Revenues, Improve Operations, and Create New Guest Experiences!

We are an experiential tech company that specializes in helping mid-size venues nationwide, and connects them with smart technologies and marketing solutions to both enhance the guest experience and unlock new revenue streams.



Sectors We Support

Sports & Entertainment

Mixed-Use Retail

Tourist Destinations


How it works

Our core initiative is the OPTIMUS Network, which allows venues to enjoy new revenues, improve operations, and enhance guest experiences.

We’ve Flipped the Model…

Unlike regular service providers, who sell venues individual technology components, with a long-term service agreement – We instead design and install a complete ecosystem of Smart Technologies [Smart Wi-Fi, Interactive Signage, Mobile Apps & Location Tech] all working together in one system, for NO Cap-Ex or Upfront Costs!

We off-set the low monthly support & licensing fees with our robust Marketing and Promotions Network, that introduces generous new revenues streams for no additional work on your part. You wear enough hats already!

How it works?

Smart Technology


The OPTIMUS Venue Network is a true iOT mesh network, comprised of four foundational elements that power the system and the marketing & promotional benefits it delivers.


Smart WI-FI

A stable, scalable, lightning fast and top-security enabled Wi-Fi solution supports the entire foundation of the venue and user experience. The world has evolved: No longer is Wi-Fi an amenity, but rather now it is considered a utility, and expected by both guests and brand sponsors. OPTIMUS can work with existing infrastructure already in place, or we can install the entire end-to-end Wi-Fi solution for venues – to ultimately deliver the passive revenues of Wi-Fi sponsorship.

Smart WI-FI

Interactive Signage

All types of digital signage, including jumbo-trons, directory signs, kiosks, individual tablet screens, LED walls / dioramas, ribbon boards, and more are all parsed and fed content specific to the fans, guests and consumers near it. Some screens may be touch-enabled, while others are triggered by motion or proximity (beacons / sensors) – but all of them are designed to better serve dynamic content in the most compelling way to individuals and large crowds.

Interactive Signage

Mobile Apps

A venue-branded mobile application will be customized to provide not only the basic features one would expect of a venue app, but also several optional enhanced features / modules; all aimed at providing new revenue streams from brands and community partners. Guests are incentivized and encouraged to download your app as they participate in Wi-Fi, contests and games, ordering food or merchandise, wayfinding, parking and more. The advanced profile, location-tracking, and behavioral capabilities of this sophisticated ‘smart app’, and one-to-one marketing & communication channel it brings, makes it a clear choice for venues.

Mobile Apps

Location-Based Technology

Our ‘secret sauce’ rests in the ability to track and communicate with individual users, over several modalities (mobile device, Wi-Fi, signage, etc.) across an array of different venues / locations – even while they are at home or at a competitive venue. This ability, coupled with our personal content engine, ensures that users are delighted with the personalized messages and content they receive – thus enhancing guest attendance, dwell times and per-person spend. Not to mention the new incremental sponsor revenues derived from this advanced capability.

Location-Based Technology

Marketing & Promotional Benefits

OPTIMUS Network venues finally have the sophisticated system in place they need to engage with guests personally – giving them both the channels and insights to better market to them!

Sponsorable Items Include…

Pre-Paid Bundled Offers
Packaged deals guests love, purchased anytime from their mobile device, with auto-remind feature.
Ordering Food/Beverage
Highlight Food/Beverage options for guests, and promote special offers!
Sponsored Activities
Sponsored games and activities guests love!
Explore Your Venue
Allow guests to discover what makes your venue great!
Shop Merchandise
Fastest and most convenient way to shop for merchandise!
Search Events
Promote all events, and allow fans to save favorites!

Benefits of the Network

The benefits of your venue being on the OPTIMUS Venue Network as a stand-alone location are very strong, but become even more powerful when our team is able to bring Regional and National Sponsors to advertise across a number of our venues, as well as Network-Wide Digital Experiences that deliver incremental revenues.


Regional & National Advertisers

Wi-Fi Sponsorship

Pop-Up and In-Line Mobile Ads

Sponsored Promotions both on and offsite.

Concourse Club brings a multitude of benefits:

Annual Membership Dues

Cross-Venue Promotion

Sticky – Reason for fans to download and keep the venue mobile app.

Additional Revenues including:

– Member upgrades
– Special pre-paid packages & Events
– Location-triggered sponsor promotions
– And much more…

Experiences & Virtual Events:

No hefty development costs. We do all the creation, design, build & deployment for them – all for a low licensing & participation fee.

This capability creates new Ticketed or Free Public events to fill empty venue dates.

Pre / Post and In-Event Experiences that fans rave about, and share to their social networks for powerful organic marketing!

Expert Team working around the clock to ensure a seamless guest experience and that venues succeed.

Like having a high-powered Technology & Marketing SWAT Team, bringing best practices and new ideas to the network 24/7.

Allows the venue to stay ahead of the curve, and never become hostage to outdated equipment and/or ideas.

Universal System Upgrades at NO Cost!

Equipment is repaired or replaced for as long as they’re on the network.

Software is continuously updated and improved for all aspects of the network [Wi-Fi, Interactive Signage, and Mobile Apps].

The Concourse Club

Members of The Concourse Club enjoy VIP perks, offers, access and status wherever they go! Basic membership is FREE to all who download the mobile app for any of our locations on the OPTIMUS Venue Network. Members simply show their virtual ‘Concourse Club Pass’ at participating venues to enjoy benefits not made available to non-members, including but not limited to:

  • Special Parking Areas.
  • Preferred Seating.
  • Member Only Events.
  • No Waiting In Line.
  • Free Gifts with Purchase.
  • Access Into Restricted Areas.
  • Special Discounts & Offers.
  • And SO Much More…

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