Everyone likes to feel understood and special, especially by the places and brands they love! The Concourse Club is a modern upgrade to country clubs and elite memberships of days past. Every member has a unique profile, with preferences and historical behavior that informs the system on how best to interact with them, everywhere they go. This information and ability to engage with consumers on a one-to-one basis via their mobile device, Wi-Fi and interactive signage improves logistics and revenues for venues, highlights brands more effectively and creates the kind of addictive venue experience for guests that keeps them coming back for more!

The Member Experience

  • Special Parking Areas
  • Preferred Seating
  • Member Only Events
  • No Waiting In Line
  • VIP Access to Special Areas
  • Unique & Personalized Offers
  • Automatic Log-In to Wi-Fi
  • VIP Parking Areas

For even more bragging rights, members may upgrade to either Premium or Elite Membership for additional benefits

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Venue Benefits

Knowing who is on property, when and where, as well as what motivates them – Now that’s leveraging technology the right way! Every OPTIMUS Venue Network member, regardless of size, has consumer insights and ability to act on them – to increase attendance, per-person spend and sponsor revenues!

Benefits Include…



Knowing the exact location of visitors (and specific information about them) greatly improves the guest experience at your venue.

The system improves:

Parking – Guests are alerted to open parking areas, to speed up ingress and egress.

Ticketing – Mobile ticketing improves line management and tracking of guests.

Alerts – While on property, guests are notified on their mobile of concerns related to construction, hazardous weather conditions, safety, and other operational issues.


Personalized messaging to each consumer’s mobile device about upcoming events and promotions – based on their:

Personal Interests



Historical behavior


New Revenues become possible through the technology included in the Concourse Club.

Pre-Paid Bundled Offers

Sponsored Promotions – Time Sensitive, Location Based, Group Buying, etc.

In-App Mobile Advertising

Community Partner / Merchant – Paid Premium Listings inside your app.

AR / VR Events – Sponsored or Ticketed. Virtual Egg Hunts, Augmented Reality Football Toss or Chance to Win’s, and much more…

Revenues from Annual Membership Fees


Reaching consumers at point of purchase and/or point of interest is good. But knowing who that person is, what they like or don’t like, their demographics and psychographics, historical behavior and preferred modality of communication is AMAZING! The OPTIMUS system does all that work for brands automatically, and delivers uncommonly great results for brands of all types and sizes.

Today’s smart marketers know that impressions and social media influencers can only get you so far. What moves the needle is authentic engagement with your most sought-after consumers, at the moments when that consumer is able and willing to listen. Associating your brand with the fun and impactful offerings inside the Concourse Club means consumers are open to receiving your messaging, because it’s on their own terms: Hyper relevant, timely, location – based marketing. Brilliant! Contact us for Rates and ‘Out of the Box’ Ideas for Your Brand!

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